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We produce creative solutions complying with budget limits

Since 1990, small and big businesses trust our hi-tech equipment, our experienced and specialized professional craftsmen and our excellent client service.

We have the solution to all your needs. Fast, on time and effectively we guarantee to fulfill all your desires, from a simple kind of promotional packaging, to a complex special construction that may seem unachievable.

Paganopoulos Packaging constitutes the ideal solution for advertising and communications companies, companies who operate in food and entertainment industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies and all companies or businesses who want to outstand the competition by promoting their products and services in a unique way.
Packages and boxes to accent your product.
Whichever package you have dreamed of, we make sure that you will have it on time.
Special publicity stands ideal for the promotion of your brand
Promotional and advertising stands of high quality and durability which will make your brand outstand wherever you use them.
Promotional and useful material for your business or store.
It is said that “everything is hidden in the small details”, so we make sure that marking inside your business is elegant, prototype and discreet.
Prototype special constructions adjusted to your needs.
Whatever you have dreamt of, no matter how difficult it may seem to you, we are here to fulfil it. Our thirty (30) years of professional experience in special structures guarantee your satisfaction.

Demanding constructions exclusively adjust to the needs of our clients


all starts with a communication

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